US Student Visa 2023: US Embassy Issues Record Number Of Student Visas To Indians

On Monday, the United States Embassy in India announced that they have issued a record number of student visas to Indian students this summer.
According to the information provided by the U.S. Mission in India, more than 90,000 student visas were issued during the months of June, July, and August. The figures reveal that one in four student visas worldwide were issued in India.
“The U.S. Mission in India is pleased to announce that we issued a record number – over 90,000 – of student visas this Summer/ in June, July, and August. This summer almost one in four student visas worldwide was issued right here in India!” writes US Embassy India on X (formerly Twitter).

The post further congratulates the students for opting the United States as their destination for pursuing higher education. It states, “Congratulations and best wishes to all the students who have chosen the United States to make their higher education goals a reality! That’s a wrap! With teamwork and innovation, we ensured that all qualified applicants reached their programs on time.”
Last year, a record 125,000 student visas were issued to Indian nationals, which is more than any other country. As of 2023, about 200,000 Indian students are enrolled in US academic institutions, representing more than 20 percent of international students currently in the United States.

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