The government opens the Chaksu portal to report fraudulent texts, calls, and other activities.


The government opens the Chakshu portal as part of the Sanchar Sathi project. It is a significant step in lowering the fraudulent activity that afflicts mobile users.

Users of the website can report alleged fraudulent calls, deceptive communications, and even instances when businesses have disclosed phone numbers.

The goverment launched the Chakshu portal is to improve transparency and alertness in the telecom industry.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister of Information Technology and Communications, explained that Chakshu is about reporting anything that people believe to be fraud.

Subscribers may quickly report any suspect communication. Whether it’s a questionable call, an alluring SMS, or a WhatsApp message—with our user-friendly portal.

Messages pertaining to bank accounts, payment wallets, SIM cards, gas connections, energy accounts, KYC updates, and impersonation attempts are a few instances of these fraudulent communications.


When asked about leaked mobile numbers, Minister Vaishnaw told citizens that the Chakshu portal would address the issue. Subscribers can report number leaks, and those who are responsible will face the repercussions.

According to him, the disconnection of roughly 1 crore mobile numbers occurred during the last nine months. The Department of Telecom also created the Digital Intelligence Platform to promote more cooperation between banks, other financial institutions, and law enforcement.

The government opens the Chaksu portal. This platform will make it easy to share critical information in order to effectively combat fraud.


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