Apartment Times Edition – 57

Apartment Times has been in operation from past 5 years as the voice of Residents of high rise in GB Nagar.

Apartment Times highlights the burning issues of the societies and its surroundings and also tries to build a channel between the residents and authorities for proper solution and redressal to their issues.

Through the apartment times edition 57, the residents make a collective voice for demand for facilities and basic needs which cannot then go unnoticed or unheard by the concerned authorities.

Top Headlines: apartment times edition 57

  • The UP cabinet eliminated the fines and simplified the registration process for Noida developers’ flats.
  • Noida मैं बनने वाला है नया फेडरेशन, तय किया एजेंडा
  • Why should we purchase Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) instead of real gold?
  • ग्रेटर नॉएडा की सभी सोसाइटी मैं बनेगी गेस्ट पार्किंग, बोर्ड बैठक मैं लिया फैसला
  • ग्रेटर नॉएडा मैं लागु हुई अमिताभ कांत समिति की सिफारिशें, जानिए क्या है ख़ास
  • आखों मैं धुल झोंका प्रदूषण बिभाग, AQI काम दिखने का नायब तरीका ढूंढा
  • Cold Waves: Tips and Prevention, Know what the top-notch Experts Says
  • Noida, G. Noida hail nod for law on elevator safety
  • Demolition again : After the Twin Towers Demolition, notice served to Supertech Ecovillage-1 to demolish the illegal gate
Apartment Times Noida Edition: 57
Apartment Times Greater Noida Edition: 57

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Read More: https://apartmenttimes.in/greater-noida-west-robin-hood-army-distributes-blankets/https://apartmenttimes.in/greater-noida-west-robin-hood-army-distributes-blankets/

Strength and Reach of Apartment Times

Apartment Times, a monthly newsletter works as resident guide and information publication . It is awarded by Radio city Business Titans adward in Dubai 2022 for the most widely distributed paper with more than 125000 copies in premium high-rise societies across Noida, Gr Noida, Noida Extension & Expressway.  

Apartment times simultaneously organises  various events for the society and its betterment like Child development, women empowerment, rights of senior citizens, environmental protection, pollution, etc.

  • Exclusive access to premium high-rise society residents who are both affluent and educated.
  • It reaches families (men and women) with an average monthly income of between 75K and 1.5L. 
  • Market Potential : 683+ crore per month (as per monthly family income) 
  • Age Demography : 55% 30 to 55 yrs | 20% Senior Citizen | 25% Teenagers & Kids
  • Circulation : 1,25,000 copies (Physical & Digital) in 250 Societies.
  • Readership (approx.) : 3,90,000+ affluent and educated readers

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