Instagram expands creator marketplace feature to India: Here’s what it is and how it works |

Meta-owned Instagram started testing the creator marketplace in the US in 2022. For those unaware, creator marketplace is a destination where brands and creators can more easily connect and collaborate around partnership opportunities. Instagram has now expanded its creator marketplace feature to eight new markets.
“Today, we’re excited to take another step forward and announce the planned expansion of Instagram’s creator marketplace to 8 new markets. Over the next few weeks, we plan to invite creators and brands based in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, India and Brazil to join Instagram’s creator marketplace. Chinese export brands will also be invited to connect with onboarded creators in countries outside of China,” said the company.
The creator marketplace on Instagram facilitates brands in effortlessly discovering suitable creators for various collaborations. Partnership ads, previously recognised as branded content ads, empower advertisers to amplify their content by incorporating a creator’s or another partner’s handle, thereby expanding the reach of their collaborations.
Here’s how it works
Join Instagram’s Creator Marketplace
Brands enlist in Instagram’s creator marketplace through Meta Business Suite, while creators join directly from their professional dashboard within the Instagram app. Creators have the option to specify brands and interests pertinent to their niche. Additionally, creators can craft a portfolio to showcase their unique attributes and offerings.
Find the Right Match
In order to facilitate optimal matches between creators and brands for campaigns, we are experimenting with new customised, machine learning-driven creator recommendations tailored to each brand. Brands also have the option to search for creators, filtering based on creator and audience characteristics. Additionally, they can view a roster of creators who have shown interest and explore their portfolios.
Connect and Collaborate
Creators receive brand messages in a dedicated Partnership Messages folder at the top of the Primary tab. Brands can reach out to creators directly or create and send a project to multiple creators outlining the branded content or partnership ad opportunity. Creators can review the details and requirements of the opportunity, as well as the rate, all within the Instagram app.
Create & Launch
Once brands and creators reach an agreement, they are poised to commence creation. Advertisers have the option to elevate organic Instagram content as partnership ads, encompassing branded content with the paid partnership label, or they can craft new partnership ads through Ads Manager. For guidance on utilising the creator marketplace or establishing partnership ads, kindly refer to the Help Center.

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