Fusion Homes: Internal tussle between the AOA President  and other members leads to a major fight, No action even after the complaint

Greater Noida West: A matter of internal tussle has come in highlight. There has been a scuffle with the president and other members of the AOA in Fusion Home Society of Greater Noida West. After this incident, 150 people went to complain but the police did not take any action.

Know the whole matter

According to the information received, there has been a scuffle with the AOA and other members at the main gate of Fusion Home Society of Greater Noida West. The victim side alleges that the BJP leader and other members together have attacked them brutally. After this incident, the victims complained to the police but no action was taken from there either. A video has gone viral in which 20 to 25 people are first seen standing, while after a few minutes four to five people get into a scuffle among themselves, amid this scuffle, some people are also trying to mediate. The entire incident was captured in CCTV footage installed nearby.

Fusion Homes Society’s AOA president Ashok Gupta informs Police in his complaint that he had received information that there was some ruckus at the main gate. To know the matter, the AOA president reached the main gate where some argument was going on with society resident Arun Awasthi. Meanwhile, society residents Anubhav Dubey and Pratik Srivastava intervened and started abusing and threatening to kill. Suddenly, they picked up a rod used for putting up hoardings lying nearby and attacked the AOA president. If people had not caught them, the heads of AOA president Ashok Gupta and Sanjeev Shukla accompanying him would have been broken. In the complaint, the AOA president has also said that both of them often beat up the society residents.

Residents say, “Both individuals claim themselves from the ruling party and have spread anarchy in the society. They compel anyone to come down by arguing with them on the society’s WhatsApp or Telegram group and later beat them up. This time the AOA president has been beaten up, which has also been captured in the society’s CCTV camera.”

Residents said that hundreds of residents from the society had reached Cherry County police station in support of the AOA president but the police did not take any action. People allege that police is not taking any action on the behest of the local MLA and MP because the accused Anubhav Dubey is the vice-president of BJP Yuva Morcha Greater Noida West and the national organization minister of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Seva Dal.

In the whole case, Anubhav Dubey says that this fight was started by the AOA president. AOA president Ashok Gupta was abusing the local MP and MLA along with the Bharatiya Janata Party. When he was stopped from abusing the party, MP and MLA, he started pushing and shoving. Anubhav Dubey says, “Earlier a woman Pooja Singh had complained to the police accusing the AOA members of hooliganism but no action was taken against the AOA members.”


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