Coco County: Dangerous dog Pitbull roam freely in society, Residents are scared to step out, What about the rules?

Greater Noida West: Pitbull breed dog, A dog who is wildest and dangerous. The Central Government has banned the purchase, sale, breeding and import of 23 dangerous breeds of dogs including Pitbull in March 2024. Registration and license have been made mandatory for those who already have dogs of these breeds. Along with this, it has been asked to be responsible for the safety of the general public by paying special attention to the vaccination and sterilization of the dog.

In Coco County, Tower-A of Coco County Society of Greno West, a Pitbull breed dog is roaming freely in the society corridor. The dog was following his owner in the lift. The dog was neither tied with a rope or chain nor was there a muzzle on the dog’s mouth.

Residents in the grip of fear and anger

After this incident, the residents are in great fear, as when this dog was passing, three small kids were sitting there, and now the parents fear that he attacked. what is the guarantee that in future he will not attack?


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