Dose of Happiness: Coco County celebrates its first time ‘Get Together’- “Together We Can”

Greater Noida West: Coco County, Sector 10 in Greater Noida West celebrated its 1st get-together with the residents and gave the message of peace and harmony.

In today’s time, when the Noida societies are full of stress and protests, here is a dose of happiness which comes like fresh air from Coco County. Residents of Coco County, sector 10 celebrated this special day as “Together We Can” on 23rd September with fun and laughter. Just now only 60 families live in society out of which 110 people came to enjoy the party with 40 kids and had a gala time together.

This was a contribution party

For bonding and fun, this party was planned, and it was on a contribution basis. The community hall was decorated wonderfully for its resident’s first-time party. Luscious food was served by the catering services as per the choice of everyone.

A magical evening with captivating dance performances

The thrilling dance performances of small kids were not only entertaining but also made parents and friends aww stuck. Couples introduced themselves and extended a hand of love and affection. A magic show also attracted people to see the amazing tricks. In the end, everyone hit the dance floor and showed their skills.

5 hours event which ends up so soon!

Residents of Coco County informed that it was a successful event which was well managed and well coordinated. The best part was the way the families got to know each other.

Contributions received from residents residing in Banglore, Mumbai etc

The positive side of the event planning was that the residents of this society who have purchased the flat and are yet to be shifted here also showed equal enthusiasm at this first party. They sent their contribution and marked their presence even when physically they were not there.

‘A dream-like event’

Deepak Jindal, a resident of Coco County says, ” This event was like a dream. After seeing the nature of people that they are shrinking in their world nowadays neither they like to communicate nor they like to socialise, we planned a party.”

he continues, “This started from scratch. We were super excited as our small team was about to plan and execute the grand party of more than 100 people. Everything was done in a short span of two weeks so it was like a challenge to make it error free event and a successful one. Each of us took it as a challenge to overcome all the fears and to arrange it in the best way properly planned and well executed.”

“ Together We Can “

Amit Singh says, “To be honest, this was the finest party we ever planned and attended. Our efforts to make everyone feel at home, cosy and comfortable were achieved. What else to ask for?”

Kaushal Pandey says, ” There was no fault or loophole in the whole evening. This 5-hour event was exciting each minute we enjoyed it like anything, especially the magic show. That attracted us a lot, including the kids.”

Richa Singh says, “The food was very tasty such a tasty menu was decided by the members. Our kids enjoyed the dances and each performance was perfect. Staff was also doing their duty well.”

Other ladies Mansi Sharma, Natasha Jindal, Pratibha Srivastava, Purva, Kushwaha, and Gita Mehra also opine that these kinds of parties should keep taking place as they help us to know about our neighbourhood and likes and dislikes

The core committee included Deepak Jindal, Amit Singh, Shailendra, Kaushal Pandey, Dhiraj Chaubey, Abhi Shukla, Amit Srivastava, Charan, Pralaya, Paritosh, Shubham Sharma, Priyank Sharma, Mohit Johar, Shanu etc.



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