World Environment Day: Greater Noida will witness India’s biggest event on Sustainability Development

Greater Noida: From June 5, 2024, to June 7, 2024, the biggest event is going to take place at the Expo Centre in Greater Noida. – 7th June 2024. Indian Exhibition Services and Green Society of India have organised the largest event on Sustainable development named by World Environment Expo 2024, Concurrently with Biofuel Expo 2024, and Biodegradable Expo 2024.

World Environment Expo (WEE 2024) – 5th International Exhibition on Pollution Control Equipment and Technology Renewable Energy, Solar Panels & Solar Products, Cleaning and Sanitation Equipment, Green Innovation, Energy Efficiency Equipment & Technology etc.

WEE 2024 is a b2b business platform to bringing together India and International environment technology and equipment manufacturers, and suppliers to showcase the very best of technologies in the areas of environmental protection technology, Services, renewable energy, waste management, sustainable buildings, water management, innovations, energy efficiency and industry development trends to find out the new business opportunities worldwide.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The 3 principles of sustainability are environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability. These principles guide us in creating a balanced and sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants.

It requires raising ambition, covering entire economies and moving towards climate-resilient development, while outlining a clear path to achieve net-zero emissions. Immediate measures are necessary to avoid catastrophic consequences and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Biofuel Expo 2024

Biofuel Expo 2024 is an International Trade Exhibition on Biofuel (Biodiesel, Ethanol, Methanol, Biogas-Bio LNG, Bio CNG, Biomass, Gaseous fuels like hydrogen and synthetic gas) Producers, Manufacturing Process & Technology, Plant Machinery, Biofuel Sustainable Products, Equipment, Raw Materials & Allied Industries where all the Stake Holders from Biofuel and allied industry could be brought under one roof during 3 days of exhibition. Biofuel Expo 2024 will be organized with the main aim of promoting the growth and development of the biofuel Industry in India, the event will offer so many opportunities for networking and business for the participants from the biofuel and biomass industry.

Biodegradable Expo 2024 is a focus 3-day Trade Exhibition on Biodegradable, Compostable & Sustainable Products, Machinery, Raw Materials & Allied Industries Where all the stakeholders for the Biodegradable, Compostable and Sustainable Packaging Industry will be present under one roof to explore the business opportunities at national and international level.

Around 20,000 business houses from the sustainability and climate sector have come together in Greater Noida under one roof during the World Environment Expo 2024 to explore the most effective methods of green business practices.

Swadesh Kumar, Director, Indian Exhibition Services says, “The 3Ps of sustainability are a well-known and accepted business concept. The Ps refer to People, Planet, and Profit, also often referred to as the triple bottom line. Sustainability has the role of protecting Every person, in every country on every continent, that will be impacted in some shape or form by climate change. The expo aims to provide a high-quality international business development platform where our exhibitors can expand their business, conduct technology exchanges, display new products, and find cooperative partners.”


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