TN education department reassigns 500 PG teachers for enhanced educational standards

The Tamil Nadu School Education Department has taken a significant step by reassigning 500 postgraduate teachers across the state. This move supplements the previous reassignment of 887 teachers in 2014.
As outlined in a recent department circular, the primary objective of these reassignments is to fulfil staffing requirements in district and sub-district level educational institutions, as mandated by a government order issued in July 2014.
The circular underscores the importance of selecting teachers who possess expertise, experience, and a strong commitment to service. An official emphasized, “Our aim is to enhance the quality of education within district-level institutions under the purview of the education department.”
Additionally, the department has indicated that the annual reassignment of postgraduate teachers will ensure that qualified and experienced educators consistently occupy these positions.
“The overarching goal of this initiative is to elevate the quality of education and the level of services provided by these dedicated teachers in district and sub-district-level educational institutions,” added the official.
Meanwhile, following the establishment of the Cluster Resource Centre (CRC) in the 2023-24 academic year, it has been determined that 725 teaching positions need reassignment at the district level. The district of Tiruvallur has the highest number of vacancies at 54, followed by Tiruvannamalai with 31 vacancies, and Mayiladuthurai with 22. Chennai has a smaller number of vacancies, with just 3 positions available, according to the circular.

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