Supertech Upcountry: After the wait of 13 years, Registry will start soon

Noida: 900 home buyers of Supertech Upcountry located in Sector-17A in the Yamuna Authority area are happy and the reason is that they will soon get the ownership rights of their flats.

With the efforts of the authority, a joint account has been opened for home buyers. Buyers who have been waiting for 13 years will be able to get the registry done within 15 days after depositing the dues.

Supertech started the Upcountry project in Sector-17 of Yamuna Authority in 2011. But Supertech Builder could not deposit the dues of Yamuna Authority. Yamuna Authority is said to have dues of about Rs 383 crore on Supertech Builder. Due to this, this project went to NCLT in March 2022.

After the appointment of the IRP of NCLT, the registration of buyers has not been done till now. Yamuna Authority has made preparations to give home buyers the ownership of their houses. CEO Dr Arunvir Singh says, “Yamuna Authority has decided that a joint bank account of the authority and allottees will be opened to deposit the money due on the home buyers after which home buyers will be able to register their homes after paying their dues. Farmers have to pay 64 per cent and about Rs 107 crore of lease rent. After taking the dues from the buyers, the compensation money will also be transferred to the farmers’ bank accounts. It seems that the 13-year wait for home buyers will end and they will become owners of their homes.”


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