Stray Cattle problem: Beta One, Greater Noida scuffling with increasing cattle problem, Residents pleading for help

Greater Noida : Residents are scuffling with limitless problems and getting zero solutions. This is an old problem which has been persisting for years and seems to be never-ending. There are cattle on the road scattered all over. They are not only a threat to the common man’s life but also hazardous for their own lives as they can get hit by any vehicle.

‘Cattle are creating ruckus in parks and eating away new plants’

Harinder Bhati, Founder of Active Team, Greater Noida says, ” I want to inform Greater Noida Authority that in Sector Beta One, there are a lot of stray cows and buffaloes roaming around on the streets and wherever they dung, it becomes difficult to pass by. Wherever they enter the park, they break the trees and plants. They eat those trees which have planted flowers and leaves on the streets. “

‘Abandoned cattle are taking a toll on human life’

Harinder Bhati further informs that these cattle are abandoned by their owners. Strict action should be taken against these people whose cows and buffaloes are roaming in the sectors. Cows need to be sent to shelter houses.

Residents angry with Greater Noida Authority

Harendra Bhati informs that even after so many complaints, no work has been done in Greater Noida Authority. The officials of the concerned work circle are requested to pay attention to their work in their respective work areas.


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