Salman Khan house firing case: Post-mortem of deceased accused Anuj Thapan concluded by JJ Hospital |

The inquiry into the gunshot incident that happened on April 14 outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s residence has been spurred by the recent events surrounding the death of one of the accused arms dealers, Anuj Thapan. It was reported that he committed suicide while in police custody, thus on May 2, he had a post-mortem at JJ Hospital in South Mumbai.

An official gave details on the post-mortem process, according to a PTI report, noting that forensic physicians observed it and that it was recorded on camera for record-keeping.After the procedure, which took place between 4:15 and around 5:15 p.m., the body was kept in the morgue. The autopsy’s findings, nevertheless, have not yet been made public.

Protocol problems with the police and legal system were the cause of the post-mortem’s delays. The treatment was originally set for 1:30 pm, however it was postponed because of inadequate paperwork. The body was then taken to the morgue, where medical personnel delayed doing their inspection until they received a letter from a senior police official. Due to this, there was a delay, and the post-mortem finally started at 4:15 pm.

Anuj Thapan’s relatives were reportedly scheduled to arrive in Mumbai by train late in the evening.
Mumbai Update on Salman Khan Case Police tell the judge that the accused fired at the actor’s home with the “intent to kill.”

A noteworthy development was when Anuj Thapan’s brother, Abhishek Thapan, claimed that Anuj had been murdered rather than taking his own life and accused the police of being involved in foul play. He demanded justice, expressing shock at Anuj’s claimed suicide and pointing out that his brother was not inclined to act in this way. More questions about Anuj’s killing were raised when Abhishek said that the Mumbai Police had arrested him six or seven days earlier from Sangrur.

In a further development, there were rumors circulating that infamous criminal Goldy Brar, who had threatened Salman Khan in 2023, had been shot and killed in the United States. But according to US police’s official statement, Goldy Brar is still alive and all the reports were false.


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