Royal Enfield Set to Launch New Motorcycles in Multiple Segments in FY2024

The industry leader in the two-wheeler market, Royal Enfield, is about to significantly expand its fleet in India. According to reports, the brand is getting ready to introduce new motorcycles in a number of divisions to appeal to a larger market in the nation.

According to the report, the company has six motorcycles scheduled for delivery during the current fiscal year. According to information supplied by Autocar, Royal Enfield has six models planned, four of which will be delivered with displacements of less than 350cc, 440cc, and 450cc, and the other two under 650cc.

RE’s Upcoming Motorcycles

In reference to the 350cc class, the company is planning to introduce the Goan Classic, which is expected to have a retro-styled bobber and be built around 350. The Scram 440 and the Guerilla 450 will occupy the 440cc and 450cc positions. The latter will be built on the 452cc chassis, while the former is anticipated to employ a 440cc engine from the Scram 411.

The new neo-retro motorcycle will face up against the technologically advanced Triumph Speed 400 if all goes according to plan.

Motorcycles Under 650cc

The business will also launch two new bikes under 650cc at this time. According to reports, the initial model will be an Interceptor Bear 650 with strong off-road capability. The other is the Classic 650, which is anticipated to provide riders with a smooth ride on a variety of surfaces.


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