Police arrest Greater Noida-based gangster Ravi Kana, his aide from Delhi

Greater Noida: The Greater Noida police on Saturday arrested Greater-Noida based gangster and scrap dealer Ravi Kana and his companion and aide Kajal Jha from Delhi’s IGI Airport on Friday after they were deported from Thailand, officials said on Saturday. The development occurs three months after the Noida police charged Kana with gangrape. Subsequently, charges under the Gangster Act were brought against him and fifteen other individuals for allegedly engaging in illicit activities in Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad for more than twenty years.

More than fifteen of Kana’s acquaintances, including his wife Madhu Nagar, have been taken into custody by the police in the previous three months. Additionally, throughout the previous three months, the police have seized assets belonging to all gang members, including Kana, valued at Rs. 120 crore, according to officials.

Kana and Jha were reportedly returned to India on Thursday after being detained by Interpol in Bangkok, according to SM Khan, the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) for Greater Noida.

“To stop Kana from leaving the nation, a red corner notice and a lookout circular were issued against him in January. But later on, intelligence would disclose that Kana had already left the nation. The DCP claimed, “Kana’s location was traced to Bangkok following inputs from intelligence sources, call records, and interrogation of Kana’s arrested associates, including his wife.”

Consequently, he said, information concerning the whereabouts of the fugitive suspect was shared between the Noida police commissionerate and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

According to the DCP, “the CBI further notified Interpol, after which he was detained on Thursday from Bangkok, along with his friend Kajal Jha, who is also booked in the Gangster Act.”

The DCP further stated that a police team went to the Delhi airport and brought Jha into custody after Greater Noida police received word on Friday from the immigration officials that Kana and Jha had been deported.

“On Friday night, they were taken to the Knowledge Park police station and questioned. The two were brought before the magistrate at the Greater Noida district court on Saturday morning and taken into judicial custody, according to Khan.

42 years old Greater Noida local Ravi Nagar, also known as Ravi Kana, Ravindra Singh, and his family live in Dadupur hamlet. He has been charged with operating a scrap company by allegedly robbing scrap dealers of their material and threatening them with penalties before selling it for a profit. Delhi-based companion Kajal Jha, 30, is also charged with conspiratorial acts alongside him.

Harendra Pradhan, also known as Harendra Nagar, has multiple murder and extortion allegations against him in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. His brother is Kana. In February 2015, he was shot and killed during a wedding ceremony. The Surajpur district court found another notorious mobster, Sundar Bhati, guilty of his murder in 2023.

Kana was reportedly checked into the Luksar district jail in Greater Noida on Saturday, according to police.
The fact that members of the opposing Sundar Bhati gang, who killed Kana’s brother Harendra Pradhan in 2015, are also housed in the same jail raises concerns for the authorities regarding Kana’s safety. Because of this, Kana will be housed in a high-security barrack within the facility, according to Khan.


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