Supertech Upcountry: Fire erupts in the lying garbage, chaos in the whole society

Noida: A massive fire broke out in Supertech Upcountry Society located on Gautam Buddha Nagar Yamuna Expressway on May 1, 2024, Wednesday night. The massive fire took place in the dried garbage hence frightened residents called the fire brigade vehicles and brought the fire under control. This is the Dankaur Kotwali area.

Cigarette is the cause of the fire eruption

A fire broke out in the garbage heap below the E1 and E2 towers of Supertech Upcountry Society located on Yamuna Expressway at around 9:00 pm on Wednesday. The cause of the fire is said to be the throwing of a burning cigarette. The society maintenance team and society residents tried to control the fire but did not succeed. Seeing the fire spreading, the fire department was informed at around 10:00 pm. Fire department vehicles brought the fire under control.

B N Gupta, a resident of Supertech Upcountry says, “A large number of students live on rent in E1 and E2 towers who go to their colleges in the morning. Due to this, the sweepers are not able to collect the garbage from their flat. These students dump the garbage downstairs. Dumping a large amount of dry garbage creates a heap of garbage. Despite the accumulation of garbage, the maintenance team does not clean it. Many fires have occurred in the past due to bachelors throwing away smoked cigarettes.”

“No loss of life, situation under control’ – Police

Noida Police says, ” There was a fire in the garbage heap behind Supertech Upcountry Society under Police Station Dankaur area, which has been completely extinguished by Dankaur Police and local people, there is no loss of life.”


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