Prateek Laurel: Residents upset with tremendous Power Outage

Noida: In Prateek Laurel, a transformer was blown up a few days back, and due to that, there is no light in the society. The entire society is running on DG. The DG has also become red due to excessive heating.

Lifts are stuck, all are suffering

The residents of the society have alleged that the officials are procrastinating, and no one is listening to their demands. Due to the lack of light, the elderly and children in the society are very upset. The lift is stuck and people undergoing medical treatment are also facing problems. At the same time, people of many societies including the Vedantam Society in Greno West are upset due to power cuts.

Continuously lights are tripping

People are in bad condition due to the scorching heat in Delhi-Noida and the surrounding areas. In this heat, people’s lives have become difficult due to power cuts in societies, sectors and villages. People are troubled due to continuous light tripping in Noida and there are some societies where they have to spend days and nights with the help of DG due to a fault in the transformer.

More than 6000 people live in the society

Residents inform Apartment Times that the society residents have been in a bad condition for the last four days. The entire society is running on generators. All the society residents including children and those undergoing medical treatment are facing a lot of problems. According to the rules, we cannot store more diesel for the generator, which is also a big problem. The generators have turned red while running. A situation like fire arises. Many big coolers have been installed to cool them. Around 6000 people are living in about 1500 flats in the society. At present, the society residents are surviving on God’s mercy in this scorching heat.

Residents are forced to spend the night outside their homes

The condition of Ecovillage 01, Panchsheel 2, and Vedantam Society located in Greater Noida West is also similar. There are more than 500 flats in Vedantam Society and more than 2000 people live here. The residents informed us that the electricity has been cut off for the last two days. Due to this, the residents are finding it difficult to live. Met the officials of the electricity department many times, but no one was ready to listen. The whole society is dependent on one DG. All the society residents are forced to spend the night outside their homes. There is no one to attend to this problem.


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