Time to solve the problems and get a solution for society via podcast, Media strategist Nikhil Singhal is all set to launch a one stop solution

Noida: Nikhil Singhal, resident as well as president of Eldeco Amantran, also a well-known media strategist is going to launch his unique podcast series in which the builder buyer issues and the problems which the community deals with every single day will be discussed openly and efforts will be made to find the solutions.

Podcast is an emerging trend

There is a wave in the media world, where the different genres of podcasts are trending, be it sports, spiritual or romance or you just name it and you get it. But this one is the first of its kind. This podcast will be 100 % devoted to the community only.

Construction of the studio has been started

Nikhil Singhal, President of Noida Highrise 100 X has a long experience and deep understanding of the challenges being faced by the residents of Noida. The construction of the studio has started with full fervour.
He says, “I am excited to launch this podcast and provide a platform for meaningful discussion on important issues of society, community and RWAs. Our podcast helps people to express their views openly. I believe that through this we will get everyone’s support in working towards making a better Noida for all by running a campaign on the lines of Clean Noida and Green Noida. Will make continuous efforts towards solving the problems of people.

It will be a building bridge between associations and authorities

Nikhil says, “This podcast will serve as a platform for open discussion between residents of society, citizens of Noida, Noida extension, Greater Noida Authorities, AOAs and RWAs.”


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