Renovation of old roads and infrastructure finally starts in 100x sectors

Noida: After continuous demands, the renovation of old roads and infrastructure has finally started. Noida Authority has decided to lease and scrap the streets, SMEs, speed breakers and signboards in 100x sectors. The most important project includes the measurement of the narrow and concrete road near Yadu Public School, which is connected to Sector 122, 120, 121, 117 and Sarfabad village. This road is the main connectivity route for about three lakh population.

Life-threatening potholes near Yadu Public School are now being filled

Nikhil Singhal, President of the Highrise Federation 100X informs, “We raised the issue continuously and finally met MP Dr Mahesh Sharma. He assured us that this problem would be resolved early and we are happy to see, that the authority has now started work. The pits and potholes near Yadu School were very dangerous and were the cause of many accidents. The narrow road has caused a terrible cement jam, causing a lot of trouble for the residents. Now that the road surface work has started, we can hope that the condition will improve. “

Long list of work to be done

Noida Authority has informed us that in about 7-10 days, the cleaning of roads and streets is to be completed. Apart from this, some other works are also included in this project. Such as cleaning, installation of street lights and high-mast lights, construction of speed breakers, supply of pipelines, and rebuilding the service and main roads to reconstruct and run tiles.


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