1300 open registries: Only 425 registrations have been done so far, builders claim many buyers are not getting in touch

Noida: To implement the recommendations of the Amitabh Kant Committee in Noida, the authority deposited Rs 180 crore after getting the waiver package signed by 19 builders and opening doors for the registry. However many flat buyers are not serious about this privilege. The builders claim that even after contacting many, no positive response is coming from flat owners. Many buyers are still uncontacted and some contacts missing. In such a situation, the challenges of the authority are gradually increasing.

Only 19 builders have deposited 25 per cent of the amount

In fact, after the implementation of the recommendations of the Amitabh Kant Committee, there is huge pressure from the government on the Noida Authority. Every moment updates are being taken by the government. The authority contacted 45 builders in a phased manner and out of these, 19 builders deposited 25 per cent of the amount after a discount. However, some builders deposited the money in instalments in this also. But after depositing the money, the way for flat registration of 1300 flat buyers has opened. But till now only 425 flats have been registered.

‘Flat buyers have given their flats on rent’

Lokesh M, CEO, Noida Authority, had called a meeting with the builders and tried to find out why registration was not being done even after depositing the money. Builders say that many flat buyers have given their flats for rent. If he agrees to get the registration done, he will also have to deposit the final balance of 5 to 10 per cent, which will amount to around Rs 5 to 20 lakh.

Builders are short of funds

In such a situation, they may be short of funds and want to get registered later, hence they are procrastinating. The builders who are facing such problems include many builders including ITS Nimbus, Express Zenith and Great Value.


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