Noida: AC blast triggers fire in garment company, LPG cylinder explodes due to heat

Noida, Monday’s fire was started by a short circuit in a private company’s air conditioning system, and as firefighters were combating the fire, an LPG cylinder on the third level of the building exploded, according to officials.

The incident resulted in no injuries to firefighters or civilians, and both fires were successfully put out, according to Chief Fire Officer Pradeep Kumar Choubey.

According to him, the garment manufacturing company KM Leasing Limited, which is situated in Sector 10 here, had a fire that started on the ground and second floors.

“At 10:03 am, the fire department was notified of a fire at a clothing and printing business located in Sector 10. We dispatched eight cars to the location as soon as we received the information,” Choubey added.

An LPG cylinder on the third story of the building exploded, spreading fire to that floor just as the fire was about to be put out. But the fire was immediately put out, he continued.

The factory was closed, according to the CFO, and a short circuit caused a fire to start when the air conditioner was turned on in the morning.

“We were not notified in a timely manner that the building’s third story contained an LPG cylinder. The third-floor LPG cylinder exploded from heat after our firefighters put out the fire,” Choubey added.

The officer said there were no casualties in the episode.

In a related incident, authorities said that on June 1, a blast in the inside unit of an air conditioner caused a fire to start in an IT company located in Sector 63 of Noida.

An air conditioning unit explosion or fire is commonly referred to as a “AC blast”. According to the officials, a variety of variables, frequently connected to mechanical or electrical malfunctions, might cause such events.

In order to avoid any accidents during extremely hot weather, the government have also advised the general public to refrain from using their air conditioners continually for extended periods of time.


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