No Way To Hide When Your Confidence Is Low: Faf Du Plessis

Bengaluru, Apr. 15: After losing by 25 runs to Sunrisers Hyderabad in a game that saw numerous batting records eclipsed, a distraught Faf du Plessis, captain of Royal Challengers Bengaluru, said that a run of losses had taken a toll on the team and the confidence had reached an all-time low.

After SRH amassed an IPL record 287 for 3, they held RCB to 262 for 7 thanks to 38 maximums scored in two innings. With 549 points earned by both teams, the match also set a record for the highest cumulative match total.

“The world record number of runs scored today is insane. Danny, I don’t think 270 is average. We tried a couple things, but they weren’t quite working. It’s hard (to bowl on a day like today),” Du Plessis remarked during the post-match presentation ceremony.

According to the former Proteas captain, while victories give teams a great deal of confidence, consecutive losses may also sap that confidence.

“When your confidence is low, there’s nowhere to hide. It was hard out there for the fast bowlers. As with the batting viewpoint, there are a few things that require attention. We must ensure that the run rate does not decrease following powerplay. In the run chase, the lads raised their hands and didn’t give up. “The fight was entertaining, but from a bowling standpoint, 30 to 40 runs was a bit excessive.” Du Plessis acknowledged that the mind could blow out at any moment due to the extreme pressure.

It’s crucial to take a break and clear your head because this is such a mental game. There are moments when you think your head will blow up. The captain of the RCB stated, “You have to give it your all when you return to the competition.”

The winning captain, Cummins, who was the most impressive bowler between the two sides that was visible, jokingly joked that he wishes he was a batter on days like this.

After his side won, Cummins could afford to grin and say, “Wish I was a batter.” The captain of SRH stated that he never imagined that their team’s 277-point score a few weeks ago could be topped.

 “I assumed it wouldn’t happen again against Mumbai a few weeks ago, but it has occurred again. Please grant me a few more years to see if bowlers become extinct! It seems fantastic to bowl an over for seven or eight. In previous games, the Chinnaswamy track felt a little slower, but things have definitely altered.

The attempt to read the pitches has been abandoned, according to Cummins. PTI AM KHS AM AM


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