MCC Is Now ‘Modi Code of Conduct’, Stop Blatant Violations Of Poll Code By BJP: TMC To EC

The Trinamool Congress said that the model code of conduct had been renamed the “Modi Code of Conduct” and on Tuesday asked the Election Commission to put an end to the BJP and its leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, engaging in “blatant violations” of the poll code.

The TMC’s Rajya Sabha MPs Saket Gokhale and Sagarika Ghose addressed the media following their letter to the poll panel, expressing dismay over the EC’s “inaction” against PM Modi on his alleged violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC).

“A notice was served to JP Nadda, but nothing has been done about our objections. Rather, PM Modi has grown more confident in his statements. During elections, he is outlining financial plans that his party, as the ruling party, is not allowed to implement and making promises that he has no legal authority to make. “However, it appears that the model code of conduct is not being followed,” Gokhale said to reporters in front of the EC offices. Gokhale and Ghose both asserted that PM Modi was not being held responsible for the poll code infractions.

“The Model Code of Conduct is now the Modi Code of Conduct, overseen by the Election Commission. Modi’s statements are unchallenged, and he faces no consequences for them. This calls into question the integrity of our elections,” Ghose stated. Gokhale stated,

“We have written to the EC requesting that the Model Code of Conduct be strictly enforced for the remaining phases of the election, that complaints be taken seriously, and that Prime Minister Modi not be given a pass each time he disobeys election regulations.”

In their letter to the Election Commission, the TMC lists particular instances of alleged violations by the BJP, such as insulting remarks made by Prime Minister Modi during rallies, false and malicious accusations, and requests for votes based only on religion.

The letter said, “Modi’s blatant and shameless remarks are an intentional assault not only on our secular republic but also on the principles of free and fair electioneering.” Since Narendra Modi and the BJP, the party in power at the Centre, have been involved in several MCC violations, the Election Commission has declined to take serious action in response to these charges. It stated, “In fact, many are forced to conclude that the Modi Code of Conduct has replaced the MCC.”

The letter asked the poll commission to act swiftly and decisively, detailing the times the TMC had filed complaints against the BJP for allegedly breaking the model code of conduct. We humbly ask you to put an end to the BJP and its leaders’ flagrant violations of the MCC, carried out under Modi’s leadership. It said, “Failing to address these concerns would ultimately violate the fundamental structure of the Constitution and erode public trust in the ECI, as well as the credibility of the electoral process.”


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