Lok Sabha Poll Manifesto: BJP’s ‘Sankalp’ on ‘Mental Health for All’, Cervical Cancer Elimination

The BJP manifesto, also known as the “Sankalp Patra,” which was unveiled on Sunday in preparation for the next Lok Sabha elections, makes clear that women’s health and mental health are top priorities. The comprehensive manifesto pledges to develop mental health programs like Manas and Manodarpan in addition to launching a campaign against cervical cancer for women.

The BJP’s Lok Sabha poll manifesto promises a cervical cancer campaign for women as well as expanding mental health initiatives like Manas and Manodarpan. (Image: PTI/Shahbaz Khan)

“To ensure a healthy life for women, we will enhance the current health services to include an emphasis on the prevention and reduction of osteoporosis, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and anemia. “We intend to initiate a targeted campaign to eradicate cervical cancer,” the manifesto stated.

One of the other key commitments made by the BJP is to extend the coverage of the Ayushman Bharat initiative to middle-class and elderly individuals over 70, providing them with free medical care up to Rs 5 lakh. The manifesto outlines strategies for promoting and extending assistance to national biopharmaceutical and vaccine producers.

The BJP has successfully expanded and enhanced health services over the past ten years, according to the platform. “We have prioritized exercise, yoga, pure water, and clean air.”

… wholesome nourishment for our inhabitants’ general well-being,” it stated.
The manifesto emphasized that mental health has become a significant priority in our more complex society going forward. The statement went on, “We will expand the reach and coverage of mental health initiatives like Manas and Manodarpan, as well as strengthen our traditional means, including yoga and meditation.”

Trauma care

In order to give trauma victims prompt and efficient care, the BJP said that it will start an emergency and trauma care program. The manifesto stated, “Modi’s guarantee is to further increase these efforts for a healthy India.” It went on, “Strengthening the ongoing programmes for disease eradication, we will intensify existing efforts to ensure the elimination of TB (tuberculosis), leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, measles and rubella, trachoma, and kala-azar by facilitating timely testing and access to medicines.”

Boosting AIIMS, medical education

According to the letter, AIIMS, India’s top medical school, will be strengthened if the BJP wins back power. “In the past ten years, we have founded fifteen AIIMS to offer accessible, high-quality healthcare. We’ll fortify our network in order to deliver high-quality healthcare throughout the nation,” the statement read.

The letter states that if the BJP regains power, the nation’s premier medical school, AIIMS, will be strengthened. We have established fifteen AIIMS in the last ten years to provide easily accessible, excellent medical treatment. We’ll strengthen our network to provide top-notch healthcare across the country,” the statement said.

Strengthening existing schemes

According to the document, Ayushman Bharat is already enabling the government to improve primary and secondary healthcare. By extending the complete functionality of all packages for comprehensive healthcare, the party pledged to modernize district hospitals and other secondary healthcare facilities and significantly strengthen Ayushman Arogya Mandirs.

The manifesto called for the expansion of Jan Aushadhi Kendras, a chain of stores that sells low-cost generic medications. It stated, “We will grow the Jan Aushadhi Kendra network to offer citizens throughout the nation high-quality, reasonably priced medicines.”


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