Life in Threat: Open street light panels in Greater Noida are inviting accidents

Greater Noida West: Street light panels installed on most roads in Greater Noida West are lying open. Electricity wires are also coming out of the panel. There is no tape on the wires coming out of the panel, meaning the wires are lying open. Any major accident can happen at any time due to these open wires.

Abhishek Kumar, President, Nefowa complains to the Greater Noida Authority, ” Open street light panels on the main roads of Greno West are inviting accidents. Please take cognizance of Surya Roshni’s negligence and take appropriate action.”

Abhishek Kumar says that Surya Roshni has the responsibility of maintaining street lights in the entire Greater Noida, but due to the oversight of the Surya team, the panel boxes of all the old street light poles are lying open on most of the roads of Greater Noida West. The lid of almost all the panel boxes is missing.”

He continues, “Not only this, the main panel boxes for controlling the street lights are also open or broken at various places and wires are sticking out of the panel boxes. There is a continuous supply of electricity in these panel boxes. If someone touches these wires even by mistake, a big accident can happen. There are three high mast lights installed in the park near Gaur Saundaryam and N-X One Society in Greno West. Two of those high mast lights neither turn on nor turn off on time. Whereas Greno Authority has installed automatic panels on all the lights.”

Abhishek Kumar also said that a few years ago Greno Authority had replaced the yellow sodium lights with LED lights and bright white milky LED lights were installed everywhere, but now at many places, the LED lights have become yellow instead of milky white. The brightness and shine of the yellow lights have become much less than before. There is no problem with yellow lights but there should be ample light.


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