La Residentia: Residents are forced to protest, as a builder is not giving proper infrastructure, this time for Electricity

Greater Noida West: Sundays in GNW are not meant for rest, but they are meant for protests. All due to these builders, who sell the flats with huge promises, but are unable to keep any. The Residents of La Residentia Society, Tech Zone 4, Greater Noida West, protested on May 19, 2024, Sunday for electricity infrastructure. Residents allege that the infrastructure in the society is not according to the settlement.

Society residents informed Apartment Times that, “As the heat increased, electricity has started playing hide and seek in the society. Power cuts happen every day at night and DG backup also does not work. Residents are forced to get roasted in heat.”

1600 families are suffering

Sumit Jalota, Resident, La Residentia says, “Last night there was no electricity from about 9 pm to 12 pm. DG was also not working. 1600 families live in the society but the electricity infrastructure is not complete according to that. Power cuts keep happening every day. Due to lack of electricity, along with the lights, the lift was also not working.”

Hefty maintenance charges, no good services

Residents have alleged that the builder and maintenance agency have been asked several times to improve the electricity infrastructure but no one is paying attention. Despite taking maintenance charges from the residents, basic facilities are not being provided.

Residents of GNW feel the pain and empathise by saying –

Vikas Katiyar says, “How long will home buyers keep fighting for their rights like this? When will they get justice?”

Amit Darshan says, “We have to make our voices heard by the government. Now we have to fight for our rights and our children.”

Amit Tamrakar says, ” The builder of La Residentia is not doing anything, the condition is getting worse now, there are a lot of problems.”


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