Kangana Ranaut slapped by CISF personnel, Natasa’s ENDS divorce buzz with Hardik: TOP 5 Entertainment News of the day |

The day was quite dramatic, involving Richa Chadha offering Sharmin Segal support, Natasa Stankovic dismissing all divorce rumors, and Kangana Ranaut being physically attacked by furious CISF officers. Check out the most recent headlines of the day!

Kangana Ranaut slapped by CISF personnel

A CISF official, offended by Kangana’s remarks, slapped her at the Chandigarh airport.After the event, Kangana released a statement saying, “I’m safe. I’m doing great. The incident happened as part of the security inspection. A female CISF constable was waiting for me to enter the cabin after I had finished the security check. Afterwards, she approached me from the side, struck me in the face, and began to abuse me. Upon inquiring about her motivation, the CISA representative informed me that she had backed the farmers’ demonstration. How do we stop the escalating terrorism and extremism in Punjab is my question as a Kangana. Later, the CISF suspended the female constable and filed a formal report (FIR) at the local police station against her.

Natasa’s cryptic post ends divorce rumours with Hardik Pandya to rest

Weeks of rumors about a divorce were silenced by Natasa Stankovic’s most recent post. She posted a photo of their Schnoodle, a UK-bred dog wearing a darling pink t-shirt with a panda print on it. With the caption “Baby Rover Pand(Y)a,” Natasa implied that everything was going well in her marriage and that she and the cricket player are still very much together.

Richa Chadha defends Heeramandi co-star Sharmin Segal

Richa Chadha attacked a troll on social media on Thursday for picking on Sharmin Segal’s performance in Heeramandi. The actress emphasized a comment that said, “Never go back to that show again. In response, Richa commented, “For the past month, whenever I have been able to keep track and be vigilant enough, I have been deleting negative comments about a co-star that appear in my comments. It was specifically made for an emotion less hamming nepokid. Men? Provide helpful feedback, but this level of irrational hatred? It’s one thing to reject someone’s performance, theek hai! Aapka haq hai, mat karo pasand. Is it true that a troll can’t be defeated by chat? (While it’s okay to not agree with anything, at least try not to enjoy mocking others.) Would you please? Out-of-context interview footage that you are exploiting, even from a legitimate roast. Why? While it may be alluring to follow a trend, is it really worth turning another person into clickbait? I believe that each of us is capable of doing and being better than that. Please be considerate.

Ranbir Kapoor visits Sanjay Leela Bhansali

David Dhawan shares an update on Natasha Dalal and newborn granddaughter

On Thursday, Ranbir Kapoor visited director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and took a drive in his newest vehicle, a Rs 2.5 crore Lexus. Due to their collaboration on “Love and War,” the actor apparently chose to hook up with SLB while taking a break from filming Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana. ‘Love and War’, which also stars Vicky Kaushal and Alia Bhatt, is scheduled for release around Christmas 2025.

David Dhawan was seen leaving the hospital on Thursday after spending time with his granddaughter and daughter-in-law. When the paparazzi questioned the grinning granddad about Natasha Dalal’s health, the director responded, “First class.” David Dhawan originally revealed that Varun and Natasha had welcomed a baby girl on June 3.

Kangana Ranaut shares account of airport assault in Instagram video; CISF suspends accused constable: Reports


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