International scientific team investigates bio-fertilizer’s impact on saffron growth in Kishtwar

JAMMU: A team of scientists from the University of Jammu, in collaboration with Dr. Micha Horacek from the Austrian Agency of Food Safety, embarked on a significant expedition to Kishtwar to study the effect of bio-fertilizers on saffron growth in the district. Led by Dr. Jyoti Vakhlu, Professor & Former Director, along with Dr. Micha Horacek, the team engaged with saffron growers and agriculture officials, discussing the application of a bio-fertilizer developed at the University of Jammu.
During discussions at the Chief Agriculture Officer’s office in Kishtwar, the experts exchanged insights with local saffron cultivators. The team initiated demonstration trials at the Saffron Development Farm in Berwar Kishtwar to assess the bio-fertilizer’s potential impact on saffron growth before the transplanting phase.
The team also visited saffron growing areas to interact with dedicated farmers. Recognizing saffron’s significance in the district’s agriculture, officials encouraged continued research efforts to enhance productivity. The insights gained could open new marketing opportunities for saffron produce, benefiting the local community and the broader economy.

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