In the first- ANBAI Conclave 2023 to be held in the holy city

Amritsar: For the first time Association of National Board Accredited Institutions (ANBAI Conclave 2023 is being held in Amritsar to affiliate all the Institutions that are currently conducting Diplomate of National Board (DNB) courses in India into one credible and united organization.
ANBAI was established with the objective of bringing together National Board Accredited Institutions to channel their efforts towards enhancing teaching programs and to collectively address issues, thereby presenting a credible and unified approach to problem-solving, said Dr. Avtar Singh on Friday adding that the ANBAI Coclave 2023 would be held on September 10.
He informed that this year the event was being organised at Amandeep College of Nursing, Amritsar.
Giving more details about ANBAI, Avtar said that the primary objective of this Association was to foster stronger camaraderie and collaboration among National Board Accredited Institutions, aiming for excellence. Additionally, the Association served as a platform to promote creative thinking in postgraduate medical education, ultimately elevating the quality of our students to an international standard.
He mentioned that the ANBAI Conclave 2023 would provide a significant boost to the postgraduate courses offered by affiliated hospitals across various medical disciplines.
Notably, the DNB (Diplomate of National Board) courses are deemed equivalent to postgraduate and post-doctorate degrees in all aspects and for all practical purposes.
Avtar further said that the ANBAI conclave promises to be a momentous occasion celebrating the essence of medical education and healthcare and it was a matter of great pride for the Amritsar medical fraternity that the Conclave was being held in Amritsar for the first time.
“It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of medical educators and healthcare professionals who continue to shape the future of medicine,” said he. Eom

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