RWA 36 Election: Anita Singh won the election, assures the safety and security of the Sector 36 residents.

Noida: On October 6, 2023, the elections were held in RWA Sector 36 Noida and Team Sector 36 was unanimously selected unopposed for all the posts. Anita Singh was elected to the post of President and J.P. Uppal was elected to the post of General Secretary.

Know the elected members

The newly appointed General Secretary JP Uppal informed everyone by saying, ” My pleasure to inform you that New RWA Team Sector 36 formed today unopposed dated 06/10/23. The team is as follows-

  1. Anita Singh – President
  2. JP Uppal – General Secretary
  3. Satish Kumar – Vice President- Security
  4. Ashoo Sharma- Vice President Admin
  5. W.S. Modi – Additional Secretary
  6. Jitendra Agarwal – Additional Secretary
  7. Nirmal Jain – Treasurer

Other MC members

  1. Sanjay Saxena
  2. R. P. Singh
  3. Vinod Kapoor
  4. Mukesh Varshney
  5. Ashok Manchanda
  6. Neha Khatter
  7. R. P Shukla

‘Safety of every resident matter’

Apartment Times contacted the newly elected RWA President Anita Singh. We extended our congratulations and she expressed her happiness. She says, “My people know me, they love me they always support me. There is a long list of supporters with whom everything is possible. I am full of gratitude towards them.”

On asking about the responsibilities and major concerns to be tackled first, she says, ” First and foremost I will ensure the safety and security of every resident of my sector. Rest we will plan after our meeting.”



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