High Rise structural defect: Slab broke in SDS NRI Residency, narrow escape for resident, life saved somehow!

Noida: Every day we hear about some building’s defective structure or lift problems. This time the news is coming from SDS NRI residency where a huge slab fell, no casualties reported so far. The builder, incharge of maintenance is turning a deaf ear to any existing structural problem. Residents are quite unhappy about it and are clueless about what is to be done to improve the whole situation.

What happened exactly

Suddenly a big concrete slab of this society broke from the ceiling above on the private podium of flat number 102 of Tower F in SDS NRI Residency, Noida. The owner of the flat had a narrow escape as it was a tin shed.

This type of private podium has been sold by the builder to almost all the first-floor residents of the society.

‘The society is ill-maintained’- Residents

Residents allege that the builder of the society, SDS Infra, has used bad material and is not maintaining the society properly. Society Associations have been trying to take maintenance handover for the last several years but every time the builder postpones it by making some excuse or the other.

Innumerable complaints have been raised to the Greater Noida Authority

Complaints have been made to the Greater Noida Authority, after which meetings were held twice by the Greater Noida Authority, in which the builder again made false promises, and yet no changes in the situation. Now, due to water leaking from many places, there is a problem of dampness and the condition of the building is deteriorating. Due to this the lift of Tower E has been closed for the past 8 months and the bars of the building are also visibly rusted at many places. Over and above, there is no arrangement for fire safety here.

Residents must pull up their socks to address this risky situation.


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