Acute water shortage: Residents of Buland Elevates are facing water problems, filling buckets for daily chores

Gaur City: Every other society in Greater Noida West is suffering from acute water shortage. This problem is troubling the residents grossly.With the rise in the temperature, many sectors and societies are facing problems regarding the supply of water. As the demand for water increases, Greater Noida Authority is not able to meet it promptly. Residents can be seen standing in queues to fill water from tankers and this is a regular affair. Filling buckets with water and taking them to the flat in the lift is quite challenging. Solution to this basic amenity scarcity seems far fetched.

No water supply

Unfortunately, even after paying big amounts in lakhs, the residents of this society are forced to hire tankers by paying per tanker 2000 rupees and carrying the water in buckets to their flats. 7-8 tankers of water have been ordered in two days.

Low pressure also creates a problem

The problem of low water pressure is coming to light every day in many sectors of Greater Noida West. It is alleged that even after complaining, no action is being taken. The officials of the Water Department in Greater Noida Authority are not taking any steps to send the tanker even after the complaint.

125 families are suffering daily

Ajit Chaudhary, Resident of Buland Elevates says, ” About 125 families have got possession in the complex. The case of this project was going on in NCLT. Now IRP is looking into it. There is nothing in the name of facilities on the campus. It is alleged that a boring has been done for water. Due to the heavy load on it every day water supply stops. The water supply has been stopped for two days due to motor failure. People are collecting money and getting a water tanker.”

Authority and Management is not helping

Hansraj, a Resident says, “Buland Elevates complex faces the problem of water every day. Water is being supplied only for two days. In such a situation, one has to leave all work and stand in the queue for the tanker with a bucket, which is troublesome. Even the Greno authorities and management are not ready to help.”

Water lines have to be installed

Arvind Srivastava, Resident says, ” Family is troubled by the water problem every day. Before going to office, one has to queue up in front of the tanker with a bucket to get water. There is a lot of water shortage in the summer season. In such a situation, for bathing, doing daily work and even drinking, water has to be filled in buckets and carried in the lift to the flats on the upper floors.”

Forced to stand in the lines

Mayank, a resident says, “After living in the society, I am forced to stand in queue for water. For everyday work, we all are forced to fetch bucketfuls of water from ground floor. This problem has been boiling for the last two days, it is causing a lot of trouble.”

Everyone turned dumb, no help

Residents of Buland Elevates have accused Greater Noida Authority that no help is being provided from their end. Even after purchasing the flats by paying Rs 55-60 lakh. there are no facilities. Builder management has absconded. Authority is not doing anything as their dues are also pending.


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