Panchsheel Greens 2: Uproar in the residents, burning of effigy of LPF, Against the builder’s dictatorship

Greater Noida West: Protest by the residents of the society continued for the third week on May 12, 2024, against taking additional charges from the residents in the form of a late penalty on maintenance and adjusting the maintenance money as a late payment fee.

Builder’s bouncers tried to snatch the effigy of LPF

Hundreds of angry residents on May 12, 2024, surrounded the marketing office of Panchsheel in the market area and burnt the effigy of LPF in front of the office. When the residents were protesting, an attempt was made to snatch the effigy by the builder’s bouncers. But seeing the number of residents and supporters in full anger, they backed off.

Residents are demanding proper maintenance services

All the residents raised slogans in one voice demanding an immediate end to the arbitrariness of LPF and proper service of maintenance and completion of incomplete work.

LPF is being charged for no reason

In today’s protest, the residents have warned the management that if the arbitrariness continues like this and people’s lights continue to be cut off due to the LPF charging unreasonably, then the maintenance charges will have to be stopped by the residents as a mark of protest.


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