Brick falls on the head of manager, he dies, leaving a bereaved family behind

Greater Noida West: Sad news is coming from the Palm Valley Society of Greater Noida West where a manager of an export company was injured by a brick that fell from the balcony of a society flat in Greater Noida, underwent surgery and survived on a ventilatoar for a week but succumbed late at night during treatment. The family members performed his last rites at the crematorium in Sector 94. Later they left for his ancestral residence Jaisinghpur in Sultanpur.

Know exactly what has happened

Let us tell you that 31-year-old Priyanshu Singh Raghuvanshi was posted as an export manager in a factory in Noida. He lived with his wife and two-year-old daughter in Palm Valley Society of Greater Noida West. Last Wednesday evening, he was standing with four friends in the market outside the society. At that time, a brick from an upper floor fell on his head. In this, he was seriously injured and his head was bleeding profusely. His friends took him immediately to the nearby Yatharth hospital. Even after undergoing surgery late at night, he could not recover.

The patient was taken to another hospital

Seeing nothing working at Yathrath Hospital, his family took the patient and rushed him to another hospital. His surgery could not be done due to internal haemorrhage in his head. After being on ventilator for almost a week, Priyanshu lost the battle and died late in the night. Kotwali Bisrakh police have registered a case against an unknown person and are investigating the matter.
Brick falling on someone standing on the road is bizarre in a civilised society.


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