Imran Khan opens up about being skinny-shamed: ‘The world looks at women and men in a certain way’ | Hindi Movie News

Imran Khan recently talked about how hard it was for him to accept his body and how much pressure there was to meet society’s ideals of beauty.

When Imran disclosed in his interview with Humans of Bombay that he had experienced social humiliation due to his thinness, it brought attention to the disparities in the way men and women are assessed according to their outward looks. The world has preconceived notions about men and women. Women find it simpler to speak up about it,” he said.

The actor talked about his experience spending hours in the gym and even turning to steroids in an attempt to get a specific body. But he became aware of how this outside strain was affecting both his physical and emotional health.

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“The outcomes are fantastic, but when you stop taking them, terrible things happen. Since I am once again thin and you are depressed that you no longer have the same body. All of it had to do with outside pressure. It’s necessary for you to talk to yourself,” he acknowledged.

Imran also talked about his struggle with depression and how, just a year ago, he began to feel whole. He felt very much the focus on him and the need to answer questions about his life from the public all the time. “I felt compelled to make an effort and appear. I was really emotional during the entire procedure,” he admitted.


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