How to Help Middle School Students Memorize Math Formulas?

Many kids feel anxious and worried when it comes to math, and this fear can sometimes impact their learning and confidence in the subject. Helping kids memorize math formulas can be a challenging but important task.
Children who struggle with memorizing fundamental formulas often develop uneasiness towards this subject as they mature. It’s important for parents to create a positive and supportive environment for children to help them overcome their fear of mathematics and develop a positive outlook toward it.
Here are five fun and effective ways to help kids memorize math formulas.
Use Mnemonics
Mnemonics is a method that can be used to help kids remember math formulas. Students can use it by associating the information with something more memorable, like a song, rhyme, or acronym. One such example of Mnemonic is “My Dear Aunt Sally” which is used to remember the basic operations in mathematics: Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.
Visual Aid
Parents can consider adding visual elements like posters, flashcards, or infographics to represent math formulas. It helps kids understand and remember math formulas more quickly and easily. You can create a diagram or flowchart to illustrate how a particular formula works.
One thing that kids don’t forget easily is stories. Parents must use this fact about the kids to make them learn formulas and concepts. Create interesting stories that incorporate math formulas. One such example is the Pythagorean theorem where you can create a story about a character who needs to find the distance between two points on a map. Encourage kids to visualize the story and understand how the formula works in real life.
Games and Puzzles
Adding games and puzzles to the learning process of the kids can yield desirable results. Various games like Sudoku, crosswords, and math-related board games can help kids practice and reinforce math formulas in a fun and interactive way. There are many fun and educational math games available online and in stores.
Competitive Challenges
Organize fun-filled math competitions or challenges within the family. These challenges should be aimed at creating scenarios where kids must apply specific math formulas to solve problems quickly.
Every child is unique and has different learning capabilities. Some children may respond better to visual aids, while others might prefer other activities. The aim should be to create a favourable learning atmosphere for the kids that is enjoyable and interactive without creating any undue stress.

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