Haryana Police Unveils Visionary Plan for Employee Welfare and Skill Development

CHANDIGARH: The Haryana Director General of Police Shatrujit Singh Kapoor on Wednesday announced a significant initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of life for Class IV employees and those aged 50 and above serving in the Haryana Police Department.
The Welfare Wing of the department has formulated an action plan to identify and support deserving police personnel and their families by facilitating employment opportunities.
In the inaugural phase, 149 eligible employees have been identified, and their children will receive specialized training tailored to their educational qualifications, with the aim of enhancing their skills and ultimately securing suitable employment.
Kapoor, elaborated on the initiative, highlighting the multifaceted approach taken by the Welfare Wing to improve the well-being of police personnel. The action plan categorizes eligible individuals into two groups: Class IV employees and contract-based personnel, as well as police personnel aged 50 and above. For those individuals among them whose children are unemployed, the police department will provide comprehensive training opportunities. The entire expense of training given to all these children will be borne by the police department.
The training modules have been meticulously designed to align with the educational qualifications of the candidates, allowing them to select courses in accordance with their interests. Training programs, including driving school, computer education, and security guard training, are among the options available to equip these individuals with valuable skills. Moreover, the police department is actively collaborating with various institutions to provide this training.
The initiative doesn’t stop there; efforts will also be directed towards finding employment solutions for police personnel aged 50 and above whose children are currently unemployed.

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