Han So-hee to return Korea alone from Hawaii trip amid relationship controversy: Report |

Han So-hee is set to return to Korea alone following her recent trip to Hawaii with actor Ryu Jun-yeol. Korean Media “Han So-hee will return through Incheon International Airport after completing her travel schedule tonight”, a source was quoted b My Daily. The report further stated, “Han So-hee is returning with a heavy heart. It’s been heard that she’s going through a very difficult time.”
The dating rumors between Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol first emerged on March 15 when they were spotted together in Hawaii. Initially, both parties refrained from confirming the speculations. However, the situation took a new turn when Ryu Jun-yeol’s ex-girlfriend, Hyeri, added fuel to the fire with a cryptic Instagram story.
Despite the brewing controversy, Han So-hee denied any suspicions of a ‘transit relationship’ and later confirmed her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol. In her statement, she apologized for any misunderstandings and clarified her stance. Subsequently, Ryu Jun-yeol’s side confirmed the relationship and warned against defamation.
As the controversy continued to escalate, Han So-hee initially engaged with netizens’ comments and attempted to address the situation through her blog. However, facing mounting pressure, she ultimately decided to delete all comments and close her blog.
Meanwhile, Ryu Jun-yeol made his return to Korea solo on March 17 via Incheon International Airport. It is reported that he altered his flight plans in light of the unfolding controversy, opting not to return on the same flight as his new girlfriend as initially planned.

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