Gurupurab: The 554th birthday of Guru Nanak Dev celebrated with Vishesh Gurmat Samagam

Gurupurab: gurunanak dev birthday
All Pictures Credit : Ankita Sharma Apartment Times

Greater Noida West: This year the festival of Guru was celebrated in the Darbar Hall of the new and grand Guru Gurudwara Sahib. On the occasion of Gurupurab, Gurudwara Sahib was beautifully decorated and illuminated. From early morning, the lovers of Gurughar started coming to pay obeisance.

gurupurab: guru nanak dev celebration
The brand new Gurudwara in Greater Noida West, illuminated on the occasion of Gurupurab

After the end of Diwan at 2 o’clock, Guru Ka Atut Langar was distributed, to a large number of Gurughar lovers, people from different communities and residents of Gaur City Noida West enjoyed the Guru Ka Langar.

gurupurab: langar seva
The divine prasaad ‘langar’ was served to the deciples of Guru Nanak Dev from all the communities

Kirtan and Katha’s program was organized on the evening of Diwan. In which Dr Alankar Singh (from Patiala), Bibi Simran Jeet Kaur, and Bhai Jaspinder Singh ji enthralled the lovers of Gurughar by kirtan of Guruvani.

The night program continued till 10.30 pm, Guru ka Langar, Prasad of milk and Jalebi were distributed to all the devotees. On this occasion, the service of tea, milk, matthi, laddus etc was served to the devotees all day long.

langar group
Sewadars from all the community offered their sewa in honor of Guruji

Diwan was conducted by Chairman Surendra Singh

Operation of the entire Prakash Parv arrangements was supervised under the supervision of Chief and Vice President Sardar Jaspal Singh. Management Committee members and former president RS Uppal, General Manager Narendra Singh Babbar, Gurmukh Singh ji, RS Arora, Deepinder Singh, etc. gave full support.

This time Guru Maharaj’s Prakash Parv and Diwan were organized in the newly constructed Gurdwara Sahib Hall.
The cooperation of the members of Peer to Peer Help Group, NCR Champions Cyclists and other cyclist groups as well as the married couples was commendble.

langar seva
Elderly devotee doing the langar sewa

Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Greater Noida West Gaur City Crossing Republik 500 square yards.

Earlier Prabhat Feri was organized from Gurudwara Sahib from November 4th 2023 to November 24th 2023, the destination of which was the abode of Gurughar lovers living at various places in Crossing, Gaur City, Noida West.

gurupremi bows their heads in front of gurunanak ji
GuruPremi bows their heads in front of Guru Nanak dev ji

RS Uppal, Ex. President of Gurudwara committee and Media Advisor says, ” This Gurudwara is our sincere efforts we have been working since 2018 to make this Gurudwara and today the final beautiful Gurudwara is in front of everyone. From a small room to a grand one, it’s right here. Here we are inaugurating it and we are happy that sangat has come, coming future we will make it bigger and will provide services to mankind.”

beautiful structure of gurudwara singh sahab
Magnificient and the most beautiful structure of the Gurudwara Singh Sahib

The only Gurudwara in the whole Greater Noida West

Jaspal Singh says, “This is the only gurudwara in the whole Greater Noida West, there is no other gurudwara nearby or in this locality. With the blessings of Guruji, this magnificent building has been created. There was a dire need for the gurudwara in this area.”

pray to gunanak ji

These people were forced to go to Sector 18 Gurudwara as there was nothing nearby. For happiness, sad moments, and final goodbyes they were supposed to take a long way, which was problematic for ladies and small kids as well.

This dream has not come true by luck, there stands a long long wait and a turmoil of efforts

Jaspal says, “We went door to door to do the kirtan and requested support. By this, we came to know that everyone is likeminded and everyone wants the Gurudwara nearby”

pray to gunanak ji

Women power dedicates their life here

The women of our community are working day and night for this Gurudwara, they can be seen doing the langar sewa and the jodi sewa.

nanha sewadar
Nanha sewadar with RS Uppal

How was the planning finally executed?

Surendra Singh, President of the Gurudwara committee says, “There were many problems which we faced. There is a big drain which is creating a lot of problems in front of us. When we were digging for the foundation, there was water all over. This was a big struggle to fill the foundation. Now the foundation is so strong that one cannot shake it for 200 years. We kept doing sangat and were constructing this building and today we are celebrating Gurupurab here.”

Gurudwara is not only for langar there are a lot more

Narendra Singh Babbar, General Manager of the Gurudwara committee says, “Maximum people only know about langar. Gurudwara is not only limited to this, when a Gurudwara is constructed we first put the nishan sab. It means we can take any kind of sewa, this signifies that in whatever problem you have, here is the solution. Our committee served a lot during COVID-19 times, we cooked meals for COVID-19 patients when the world was locked inside, and we came and cooked langar and served to people everywhere. We also purchased the concentrators and served the needy. Very soon there will be a dispensary here.


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