Gujarat: 24k applied for Gyan Sahayak Recruitment 2023 in primary schools

AHMEDABAD: According to the state education department data, 24,622 candidates have applied for the recruitment of Gyan Sahayaks, or contractual teachers on a fixed pay basis, in primary schools. The last date of applying was September 17.
Sources said that the highest number of applications, 2,112, have come from Banaskantha district, followed by 1,706 from Mehsana, 1,610 from Junagadh, 1,356 from Gir Somnath, 1,300 from Ahmedabad, 1,076 from Surat, and 1,065 from Rajkot.
The department had extended the deadline from September 11 to September 17 as the department expected more applicants. Sources said that the department received about 9,000 applications between the September 11-17 period. Department data showed that 19,050 have applied for Gyan Sahayak positions in secondary schools.
The significant number of applications for Gyan Sahayak positions highlights the growing interest among individuals to contribute to the field of education in the state of Gujarat. The data indicates that aspiring teachers are actively seeking opportunities to work as contractual teachers in primary schools, reflecting the importance of quality education at the foundational level.
Banaskantha district stands out with the highest number of applicants, indicating the region’s enthusiasm for educational roles. With the extended application deadline, the education department successfully attracted a substantial number of applicants, ensuring a competitive selection process.
Moreover, the interest in Gyan Sahayak positions in secondary schools, with 19,050 applicants, underscores the broader desire to make a positive impact on the education sector. As the recruitment process unfolds, these numbers reflect the dedication of potential teachers in Gujarat and their commitment to shaping the future of the state’s primary and secondary education systems.

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