Summers and Power cuts : Amrapali Leisure Park Society residents got angry at Adhoc AOA, Huge drama the whole night

Greater Noida West: The residents of Amrapali Leisure Park in Greater Noida West were forced to suffer the whole night as there was a power cut late evening. Residents asked the ad-hoc AOA, the reason for the power cut on which they were told that the power cut had been done by NPCL.

NPCL resumed power supply, but even then there was darkness in society

Knowing that the power supply is barred from NPCL, the residents remained calm for some time but as time passed the residents came to know that the lights had come from NPCL but there was no light due to the blown fuse of the main line of the society. Realising this the patience of the residents broke and they started crying. People fiercely targeted the Adhoc AOA and created a lot of ruckus because it was still lying that the power had been cut by NPCL.

Residents are angry with ad-hoc AOA

The condition of the society has become such that it was formed as a new ad-hoc AOA by making a false declaration and is not fulfilling its promise made in the elections even after 3 months have passed.
On the contrary, when residents demanded services, they tried to silence them by threatening them with mob lynching and FIR.

Huge society and no power backup

While on one hand people are forced to live without backup in the extreme heat, on the other hand, how can the elderly, children and women live in multi-storey buildings without lights, that too in the extreme heat?

A police complaint was made

The residents complained about this to the nearby police post, but the attitude of the in-charge of the police post was biased and on the contrary, he started threatening the residents.

Power resumed at 1.30 am

After a lot of struggle, lights came in the society at 1:30 am in the night and the residents heaved a sigh of relief.

Residents are demanding the new court receiver

The residents even say that after all such incidents are happening in the Supreme Court. Monitoring Project and the Court Receiver does not care about all these things, then why is he the Court Receiver? Is it not the responsibility of the Court Receiver to solve the problems of the society? If he is not able to handle this responsibility after becoming Attorney General, then why is he not asking the Supreme Court to appoint a new court receiver?


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