Verona Heights society:  Again a critical mishap in the Amrapali project, Two labourers lost their balance and fell from the tenth floor

Noida: Every day the news from the societies is coming of falling or something falling on the head and the result is death. The same kind of news has come from the under-construction site Verona Heights where the labourers fell while cleaning the debris. Both were admitted to the hospital for treatment in critical condition, where doctors declared them dead. After getting information about the incident, the Bisrakh police reached the spot, took the bodies of both of them in their custody and sent them for post-mortem.  About 8 months ago, in a similar project of Amrapali Group, 10 workers died due to a lift collapse.

According to police officials, information about the matter has been given to the families of the deceased. If the family members make any complaint in this matter, then an incident report will be filed and the matter will be investigated.

These people died in the accident

Police inform, ” Nazim and Rajabul, who were working in Verona Heights Society under construction in Bisrakh police station area, lost their balance and fell from the tenth floor on May 10th, 2024, Friday. These people were removing debris from the 10th floor when their feet slipped and both of them fell. Both were admitted to the hospital for treatment, where the doctor declared them dead.”

Demand for compensation from the workers rises 

The police have taken the bodies into custody and sent them for post-mortem. After this incident, investigation has been started into what security measures were taken during the construction of the society. The relatives of the deceased have been informed about the incident. At the same time, after the death of both the workers after falling from the tenth floor, the workers working there expressed their anger and demanded compensation. The workers say that the builder is not taking full safety measures during construction, due to which this incident has happened.

Amrapali project is under the government company NBCC

It is noteworthy that in all the projects of Amrapali Group, work is being done by the government company NBCC as per the order of the Supreme Court. Under this, the responsibility of completing the housing project of Amrapali Group through different contractors was given to NBCC.

‘Why is this project not monitored properly?’

Dipankar Kumar, buyer of Amrapali Verona Height and petitioner in the Supreme Court, says, ” Despite being a government company, why is NBCC failing to stop the frequent accidents? After all, why are safety standards not being maintained and why is the work on projects not being monitored properly? Even before, questions have been raised on the construction quality of NBCC, yet to what extent is it natural for such an incident to happen? Why is NBCC taking 8% of the total tender of around Rs 9000 crore as a project management consultant?”

‘We will ask the government why accidents are not being stopped’

Abhishek Kumar, President, Nefowa says, “Such accidents have a huge impact on the morale of home buyers who are already suffering from delays. There has been no hearing in the Supreme Court for a long time, but as soon as the hearing starts, we will raise these issues why accidents are not being stopped even after the affidavit given by NBCC?”


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