Supertech EcoVillage 1: Shocking !!! A woman got electrocuted due to the negligence of the maintenance team, Aggrieved resident file complaint with Police

Greater Noida West: A resident of Supertech Eco Village 1 got electrocuted due to water leakage in her flat. The negligence of the maintenance team came to light. The victim’s husband complained to Bisrakh police station.

Know the whole matter

Vivek Sinha, the resident of Tower S2 of Ecovillage-1, informed Apartment Times that the water was continuously flowing in his flat due to a broken tap. Vivek called the society maintenance office 6-7 times but there was no response. He also sent a message in the WhatsApp group of the society’s facility but did not get any help. Water was continuously flowing down from the balcony.

The Resident’s dedicated maintenance department put the receiver away!

When he did not get help from phone calls and WhatsApp, Vivek himself reached the maintenance office where the receiver of the phone was kept on the side. Vivek’s wife got a severe shock due to the current running in the continuously leaking water. Fortunately, Vivek’s father was present at home who quickly turned off the main switch of the flat, which prevented a major accident. Vivek’s wife’s left hand became completely numb due to the electric shock.

Police complaint filed in the Bisarakh Police Station

Vivek has filed a complaint in Bisrakh police station accusing the maintenance team of negligence. In the complaint given to the police, Vivek says, “this incident, which happened due to the negligence of the maintenance team, could have caused a major accident with his wife and children.”
Vivek has requested to register an FIR against the maintenance agency and take appropriate action.


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