Supertech Eco Village 1: Aggrieved residents asked the director to pay the pending NPCL bill, electricity can be suspended anytime!

Greater Noida West: NPCL has sent the orange bill to Supertech Ecovillage-1 located in Greater Noida West. The electricity of the society can be cut off if the dues are not paid. Residents are full of anger and they ask the director Nitish Arora to pay the pending bills.

Orange bill- means anytime Permanent power outage

Residents have expressed anger at Supertech management after Supertech Ecovillage-1 received an orange bill from NPCL. Residents have questioned the maintenance company YG Estates and given an ultimatum to pay the outstanding bill in the next two days and share the receipt.

A huge maintenance fee is collected by residents, but the NPCL Bill is pending

Residents say that the maintenance work in the society is looked after by YG Estates. The director of YG Estates is Nitish Arora who is the nephew of Supertech Chairman RK Arora. The maintenance fee is collected by YG Estates. Despite collecting maintenance fees in advance from the residents, there is a huge outstanding electricity bill and the orange bill from NPCL has raised questions about the maintenance company. It is not the first time, that YG estate is manipulating the maintenance charges for a long time.

A complaint has been made to IRP Hitesh Goyal

Residents allegees that, “All of us residents are paying maintenance charges in advance, electricity is also prepaid. In such a situation, NPCL dues and the Orange bill mean that YG Estates is manipulating money. A complaint has been made to Supertech’s IRP Hitesh Goyal. The residents have given an ultimatum to the maintenance company to pay the entire outstanding electricity bill within two days and share the receipt. Otherwise, the residents will start a sit-in protest. If the society’s electricity is cut for any reason, the society residents will not hesitate to block the main road.

Meanwhile, the residents got the news that YG Estates director Nitish Arora has come to the society. The residents surrounded Nitish Arora and asked his side on the electricity issue.

Nitish Arora says, ” The electricity bill of the society has been fully paid and the receipt will be shared with the residents. The load charge will also be checked and confirmed by Tuesday. Regarding infrastructure already a lot of work has been done, and more will be done soon. Regarding frequent power cuts, have requested the NPCL to conduct a survey.”

These residents were present — Society residents GS Verma, Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj, Alok Rastogi, Bittu Mishra, Shailendra Gupta, Shesh Mani Singh, Chittaranjan Singh, Vivek Gupta, Sameer Bhardwaj, Bikram Rana, Sumit Gupta, BS Tripathi, Sunny Singh, Shyam Pradhan and many other residents were present at that moment.


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