Supertech EcoVillage 1: Big relief to the residents, IRP bans charges for increasing electricity load

Greater Noida West : There is a sigh of big relief as the residents of the Supertech Eco Village 1 will not have to pay any added hefty amount for increased electricity load this summer. Hitesh Goyal, IRP  banned the fees charged by the maintenance company.

Result of resident protests at the main gate of the society for 40 consecutive days

In all the societies of Supertech where AOA has not been created and handover has not taken place, maintenance work in those societies is done by a company called YG Estates. In the name of increasing the electricity load, this maintenance company used to charge Rs 25,000 plus GST per kilowatt. Last year, residents of Supertech Ecovillage-1 started open opposition against it. Ecovillage-1 residents protested at the main gate of the society for 40 consecutive days.

The maintenance company reduced and later again increased the maintenance charges

A meeting was held between the residents and the maintenance management in the Greater Noida Authority office in front of Authority’s Soumya Srivastava, ACEO  and MLA Tejpal Nagar, where it was agreed to reduce the load from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 10,000 and take GST. The maintenance company had reduced the load charge for the first 3-4 months and later increased the load charge again.

A complaint via email was made to seek urgent help

Supertech Ecovillage-1 residents complained about this to IRP Hitesh Goyal through email. Taking cognizance of the complaint, IRP Hitesh Goyal replied to the residents that there was no need to pay any extra charge to the residents. “We have already sought a response from YG Estates regarding recovery of additional load charges and have directed them not to collect any amount in lieu,” the IRP said. Additionally, we have sought feedback regarding the amount spent, if any, on enhancing power infrastructure in the project.”

On the question of adjustment in the charges already paid by the residents, the IRP says , “We have not proposed any adjustment in the load charges. Currently, we have asked you not to make any payment for load charges. Until there is clarity regarding the usage of the charges collected, we have directed YG Estates not to collect any amount towards load charges without the approval of the IRP and his team.”


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