Greenarch: The maintenance team asks the residents to follow the protocols, issues orders to remove pots, shade and ac unit from balcony

Greater Noida West: In past few days, back-to-back incidents took place like the failing of brick overhead in premium sites like Gaur Atulyam, Palm Valley etc. Due to this, to keep its residents safe, the Green Arch maintenance team has taken immediate action on May 13th, 2024, NOT to keep the pots outside the balcony, place the outer unit of AC outside the balcony or place the grill outside the balcony and has been with immediate effect.

This was the message for every resident, decision is widely welcomed by one and all

Due to the falls of brick etc, it was a life-threatening thing. “Considering the seriousness of the matter and keeping in mind the safety of the residents, you are requested to request all the residents to officially remove the pots, outer unit of AC, grill and shades outside the balcony before the date given below, otherwise The maintenance team will issue you a notice on this and take strict action to ensure all these things are removed. Cooperation of all you residents is expected for this very important work.”

  1. Pots outside the balcony 20/05/2024
  2. Outer unit of AC installed outside the balcony 30/05/2024
  3. Grill outside the balcony 20/05/2024
  4. Shades outside the balcony 30/05/2024


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