Meet the district topper: Greater Noida West girl Neetima Mago secures 99.6 %in 12Th CBSE board 2024, making parents proud

Greater Noida WestNeetima Mago, resident of Savior Greenarch Society, Greater Noida West, scored 99.6% in the 12th CBSE BOARD 2024. Neetima is a student of St. Teresa School, Indirapuram. Neetima wants to become a chartered accountant in future. 

A fitness freak

Neetima is not only studious, she is a super active person. She was awarded as the youngest cyclist for riding 100 kilometres at the age of 08 years. She has also excelled in Taekwondo at the district level.

In 10 th, she scored 94% 

A turning point for Neeitma was when she scored 94% and chose to choose commerce rather than science. 

Dosen’t prefer to be a rattu tota

Neetima informed Apartment Times, “While studying, I prefer to study and understand things rather than mental imitation and memorization.”

Hours of study

Apartment Times asked Neetima about how many hours she daily devoted to her studies. On this, she says, “No, I never set any particular timetable or a set pattern. I always set a target that I have to finish this topic of this subject. And I make sure that it gets finished before I stand up. This may take an hour or 4-5 hours at a straight.”

Refrains from using social media considers it a time waste 

Neetima set daily goals and worked on them. She completely stayed away from social media like Facebook and Instagram and focused only on her studies.

Who is her inspiration

Neetima informs Apartment Times that I always cherished my mother’s dream. Her mother Dolly Magoo was a class 12th topper in 2002 and she works in an MNC. She always wanted to play sports, so I played sports for her and also studied harder to achieve our dream. She is my perfect inspiration and a role model”

Her father has supported her a lot in this journey 

Neetima says, “My father, Manish Mago is my source of energy and the greatest companion. He is a cyclist and whenever I need to refresh my mind, we go out for cycling and love to watch TV together.” 

Her message for the younger ones

Neetima says that with time everyone gets serious about studies, it is not that if I have achieved others cannot, everyone can achieve it. Everything depends on dedication and willpower. Social media is no doubt a big distraction. One of my fellow friends has achieved 98 % and she is also active on social media. it all depends on your mind how much you can control it. 


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