Residents unite together to discuss and solve the problems

Greater Noida West: Nefowa members hold important meetings in the interest of the homebuyers in the tech zone 4 park of Greater Noida West. The main motive of the meeting was to plan a strategy for the struggle on the demand of registry of projects stuck in NCLT, possession of houses in stuck projects and demand for metro and public transport. People who participated in the meeting from many societies of Greater Noida West united and agreed to raise their voices on all the issues under the leadership of Nefowa. Metro and other public transport and registration of flats along with legality were the main agenda of this meeting

‘Metro is needed at any cost else holding of demonstrations is sure’

Mihir Gautam, a Nefowa member who is the backbone and also the most important member in the movement, suggests that if the metro work does not start soon even after the new government comes, then a protest demonstration will be held at Jantar Mantar.

‘NCLT projects need registry’

Other efficient members of Nefowa, Dipankar Kumar and Dinkar Pandey gave suggestions and put forward their views on how to start the registry of home buyers of projects stuck in NCLT.

Members gave valuable suggestions

Nefowa members like Ravindra Sinha, Mahesh Yadav, Chandan Sinha, Ashish Srivastava, RC Bhatt, Dr Souhail, Anupama Mishra, Pawan Chaudhary, Vicky, Parijat unite together and say that the elections of Gautam Buddha Nagar have now been completed. Soon the elections of the entire country will be completed. The government should come forward and fulfil its promise and provide a metro to this area and start the bus transport facility under the City Transport Service without any delay.

‘Legal advice is also important’

Home buyers Anurag Khare, Vibhuti, Ganesh Kumar, Anil Ratra, Vipin Prasad, Sudhanshu Kishore, Mohammad Inam, Sanjeev Saxena, Amit Kumar, Anup Mishra, Pramod Manchanda are of the opinion to take legal advice as soon as possible and take further action on the projects stuck in NCLT. Along with this, they agreed to continue the protest after the election results.

Government intervention is also needed

Rohit Mishra demanded that the government’s attention should be drawn to this issue as to how registration could be started in the projects under Sports City because it was not the fault of home buyers like him, so why should they suffer the consequences?

Eco Village 3 Home Buyers Commission Rastogi, who was in the NCLAT hearing on May 3 and presented the buyer’s point in the court, said that the home buyers should get justice soon.


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