When will Lift Act be Implemented: Again lift trap, this time in Raksha Adella society, Gaur City

Greater Noida West : Lift accidents are a regular news in the socities every other day, causing real anxiety amongst residents. Anticipating a full stop on these traps seems a ridiculous expectation now. In Rakha Addela, an elderly woman and a six-year-old girl were trapped for about 15 minutes in a lift in Raksha Adela Society, Gaur City-2, Greno West on 15th May 2024, Wednesday night. Allegations of power backup not being operational and ARD not being installed in the lift are being made. The elderly woman became nervous due to the heat and darkness and her health deteriorated.

Know exactly what happened

Rupesh Pandey lives with his family on the 10th floor in K-Tower of Raksha Adela Society. Rupesh Pandey informed Apartment Times that his mother Gayatri Pandey and her 6-year-old niece were returning from the society’s medical store in the lift. During this time the lights went out. His mother and niece got stuck in the lift when the lights went out. Neither the lift’s ARD worked nor the lift started after the power backup started. After the mains light supply resumed, the lift went straight to the basement but still the lift door did not open.

‘Family was stuck in the lift for 15-20 minutes’

Rupesh also informed that his daughter, who was coming down the stairs, informed him after reaching home. Rupesh immediately ran down the stairs and reached the basement. Then the security guard opened the door of the lift and took both of them out. Rupesh alleges that his mother and niece were stuck in the lift for more than 15-20 minutes.

No action even after the written complaint

Rupesh Pandey has given a written complaint to the Society Facility Team accusing them of not maintaining the lift properly. Rupesh has written that the ARD of the lift has not been working for the last several months. Even after complaint, the maintenance team is not taking any action.
Inaction and lazy approach of AOAs towards basis and emergency services can never be accepted and tolerated.


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