Panchsheel Hynish: Residents were upset with lack of electricity supply, blocked road

Greater Noida West: Residents of Panchsheel Hynish Society are upset with lack of electricity. Suffering residents blocked roads in front of the society. Bisrakh police reached the spot and tried to convince the residents. Residents moved away from the road when the DG backup started again at around 2 am late at night.

Know the whole matter

Residents informed Apartment Times that there had been no light in the society since Sunday night. The DG backup also stopped working at around 10 pm on Monday. Due to a fault in a transformer of the Panchsheel Hynish Society on Sunday night, the fuse of NPCL’s 33KV feeder blew several times and the feeder also tripped. As a precaution, NPCL cut off the power of the society and started power supply in other societies. After investigation, the NPCL team issued a notice to the Panchsheel Hynish Society management on Monday evening asking them to get their faulty equipment repaired and send the testing report. The lights of the society remained off until the society sent the testing report to NPCL.

ACs and lifts were not working on DG sets

In the scorching heat, electricity was supplied through DG backup throughout the day, but people were suffering from heat as the AC did not work on DG backup. DG backup also stopped working around 10 pm on Monday. Due to the stoppage of DG backup, the entire society went dark, the lift also stopped working. Even after waiting for a long time, when DG backup did not start, patience of the residents failed. After creating a ruckus in the society, the residents closed the road on the main road in front of the society. As soon as the road was closed, vehicles started queuing up.

On assurance of restarting DG set, residents went home

Bisrakh Kotwali police reached the spot and tried to remove the residents from the road and clear the jam, but the residents did not agree. Seeing the matter escalating, the police talked to the builder’s management. Then the builder management started DG back up again. On the assurance of starting DG back up again and fixing the fault in the transformer in the morning, the residents moved away from the road.


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