Nirala Estate: Residents upset with poor maintenance and forced to live with substandard facilities, Know their problems  

Greater Noida West: Residents of Nirala Estate, Tech Zone 4, are severely upset which forced them to protest as no one is listening to their problems. The maintenance department is just for namesake and does nothing to solve their problems. Upset with this, they marched in protest on May 12, 2024, in the society. 

Know the problems in Nirala Estate

On May 12, 2024, Sunday, the residents of Nirala Estate Society of Greater Noida West organized a home protest as the people were not getting basic facilities. There is an atmosphere of fear among people due to cracks in the pillars of the basement of the building. The residents informed the builder several times but the builder turned a deaf ear to it. 

Water Contamination 

Every year this society remains in the news, the reason being water contamination. More than a thousand residents fall ill and suffer from diarrhoea due to this problem. This year too, due to contaminated water, more than 100 people have fallen sick and are suffering from stomach aches, vomiting…etc. Residents informed that none of the maintenance officers took care to get the storage cleaned ever. Moreover, the builder did not even get the water tested.  Residents say that this issue happens every year because water testing is not being done by the best lab.

No proper fogging 

Residents inform that in Nirala estate, there is a vacant plot on the side known as Tikona Park where people throw their garbage, leading to the breeding hood of mosquitoes. Proper fogging is needed to address this, which never happens. Residents fear a rise in dengue and chicken gunia cases. 

Basement water leakage has not been fixed so far 

There is a leakage of water in the society. Due to continuous leakage, the columns of the building are getting loose and can result in major mishaps someday. 

Short of housekeeping staff

Residents inform that there is no proper cleaning in the society. Dirt and filth can be seen here and there because there is no proper staff for this purpose. Floors are dirty, disinfectant is never mopped increasing infections.  

The maintenance team is not maintaining society properly

Residents are informed that they are paying so much maintenance fee, yet the services and facilities are not satisfactory. There is nothing in the name of beautification, neither inside the society nor outside the society. There has been no whitewash or painting in the society in the last 6 years. Only patching work takes place.

The drains need to be covered

Residents inform that the drains are open and some are covered but their cover is broken. Even after multiple reminders, they have not changed it. Fogging is also not done, resulting in lots of mosquitoes in society. 

Zero Security in the society 

Residents have informed that there is no security in the society premises. No one can stop unauthorized entry into society.  Many times, doubtful people have been caught in society premises. Even the delivery guys reach the doors without any intimation. Security has failed to stop trespassers. 

No proper CCTV surveillance 

Residents also informed that there are no CCTV in the inner circle and where they are installed, they never work. Due to this, they remain unaware of the incidents happening on the premises. The CCTV installed at the main gate is of super low resolution due to which, one cannot see the details like the number plate of the bike if chain snatching takes place. 

The Estate Manager and the Project Manager are imposing Hitler’s rule 

The residents informed us that the estate manager from the Cushman & Wake company and the project manager from the builder of Nirala Estate are quite very arbitrary, they never listen to the concerns of the residents and whenever we go to talk to them, they give harsh replies. They never understand our requests for meeting neither weekly nor fortnightly review meetings with residents. 

Poor Lifts

Fans do not work, intercom does not work. Many times lifts get stuck and the one who is inside faces death experience. Because a stuck up situation without any ventilation and intercom is a panicky and life-threatening matter for 20-25 minutes. 

Recreational area problems 

Open gyms are broken, which is risky for toddlers who like to play there with the equipment. The children’s park is also not managed. The soft mats which are for safety are completely broken and torn apart, due to which children get injured every day. The builder is not giving entry to half the people in the clubhouse. There are many problems which the builder is not solving. The irony is that all residents are paying the full amount but are getting zero in the name of facilities.


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